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Four Dark Nights

Author: Bentley Little, et al
Genre: Horror
Reviewed by: Kim Richards

 Cover ArtEveryone has, at some time in their life, experienced the awfulness of an imagination running rampant in the darkest hour of the night. Four Dark Nights is a wonderful letting loose of those images from the minds of four of horror's best writers. They grab us by the front of the shirt and drag us in to see what we really hoped didn't wait in the darkness.

"The Circle" by Bentley Little lets us spend the night in a suburban neighborhood. We visit the various neighbor's homes to discover each family's part in the unleashing of a witch's revenge and the consequences of stirring something truly dark from her back yard.

"Pyre" by Christopher Golden takes us to an island where Viking warriors were cremated upon huge funeral pyres. One girl's selfish need to confront her dead father ends up costing her much more than she expected. It's not nice to wake the dead.

"Jonah Arose" by Tom Piccarilli leads us down the ever-changing halls of The Works to meet with ghosts and freaks while we examine the hell men put themselves through. This is a bizarre and nasty place he takes us to.

"The Words" by Douglas Clegg is my favorite in this collection. Two boys grow into young men, toying with an ancient darkness until it destroys them and threatens the rest of human kind. The images in this story are strong. It almost has a kind of moralistic quality with regard to playing around with and not taking seriously things our forefathers sought to protect us from.

Four Dark Nights is an entertaining set of stories likely to give you four sleepless nights after the reading.


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